Smart Band Compact used to attach VIV Strakes
Smart Band Compact used to attach VIV Strakes

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Smart Band Compact used to attach VIV Strakes

32mm Smart Band Compact was selected to attach VIV Suppression strakes on Shell Appomattox in the Gulf of Mexico in 2019. Approximately 4100 Bands we re supplied along with the associated Air Tools

Reasons for choosing HCL Smart Band Compact 32mm:

  1. Proven track record subsea for the product and material PA12 (PA12 material approved subsea for 30+ years)
  2. Risk Mitigation due to no sharp edges – Smart Band compact was deemed to be less dangerous to install than alternative CRA (Alloy 625 or Inconel)
  3. Consistent Retention supplied over 1000’s of cycles by the 3000 Air Tool

Products Used

Smart Band Compact

3000 Type Air Tool

Strap retention consistency

Reliability is vital especially when tools are operated on offshore vessels where repairs and servicing are notoriously difficult. After 25,000 tightening cycles the Smart Band 3000 tool is still performing perfectly with no change in tightening performance. “Quality is never and accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort” – John Ruskin

This makes the Smart Band air tool stand out against alternative Pneumatic Tools for CRA strap such as Super Duplex and Inconel Alloy 625, These tools wear over usage and as such make it impossible to maintain consistent retention over multiple cycles.

3000 Tool Retention Test Rig

Smart Band 32mm Compact fitted to VIV strake – Installed on Appomattox
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