ESP Cables Clamped in Colombia
ESP Cables Clamped in Colombia

Case Studies

ESP Cables Clamped in Colombia

Working in partnership with Danfell Services, HCL’s Downhole Cable Protection System has been successfully installed in Colombia on ESP Wells since 2014.

Clients cited various reasons for Trialling HCL product

  1. Metal Bands – Problems caused by Failure & damage to Cables along with complications in fishing Stainless Steel Product
    (Apiay – EcoPetrol)
  2. Cost – Cost of alternative metallic cross coupling protectors was higher than the HCL solution – (Caño Limon)
  3. Corrosion – In the mature fields with water injection corrosion is a major problem (La Cira-Infantas )
  4. Successful previous installation – Clients successful installation in Caño Limon influenced the decision to install on La Cira-

The 3000 Tool

Designed and manufactured by HCL at their UK Facility the 3000 Air Tool is widely regarded as the most
consistent pneumatic strap installers available in the Market. Combining ease of use with high retention
and short installation times makes the 3000 Tool the perfect method of installation on the Oil-Rig.
Furthermore HCLs Offcut hold feature allows the operator to dispense the offcut into a bin away from
the Well avoiding and debris falling into the opening.

Well Reports

Client: Ecopetrol
Installation Date: 2014
No of Installations: 1
Casing: 7″
Tubing Dia: 3½”
Depth: 7500 ft
Deviation of Well: <25
Cable: #2 Flat + ¼ “ Capillary
Pump: Borets
Quantity: 835
Notes: Pumps continue to run successfully 39 months after installation

Caño Limon
Client: Confidential
Installation Date: 2015
No of Installations: 15
Casing: 7” & 9 5/8”
Tubing Dia: 3½” & 4½”
Depth: 7000ft
Deviation of Well: <25
Cable: #2 Flat + ¼ “ Capillary / #2 Round
Pump: Baker Hughes
Quantity: 500 per well
Notes: Pumps continue to run successfully 30
months after installation.

La Cira-Infantas
Client: Confidential
Installation Date: 2017
No of Installations: 20
Casing: 7” & 5½”
Tubing Dia: 3½” & 2 7/8”
Depth: 4000ft
Deviation of Well: <45
Cable: 4 Flat #6 Flat + ¼ “ Capillary
Pump: Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Borets,
Quantity: 500 per well
Notes: 2 wells have been pulled due to sand
binding damage to pumps.
All protectors were recovered and

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