Toolserv F-1 Cable Clamp
Toolserv F-1 Cable Clamp

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Toolserv F-1 Cable Clamp

Toolserv in Stavanger, Norway, have developed a revolutionary cable clamp known as the F-1 Cable Clamp in close collaboration with AkerBP. The ultimate aim is automated running of upper completion, removing the requirement for rig crew in the red zone.

As part of this solution Toolserv have incoprated the 32mm Smart Band Compact Strap made from PPS material. PPS material has a higher temperature resistance than PA12 and has a long track record in the downhole environment where H2S, CO2, wellbore fluids & other sour/sweet gasses are present.

Why choose the Smart Band?

2 key benefits that the Smart Band Compact offers in the project. Firstly it is able to fit into very tight annular spaces and secondly it offers very quick installation and removal times. Installation and removal during upper completion is generally time consuming and exhausting. Estimated times for installation of 7″ clamps is around 4 minutes and 2 minutes for the 5-1/2″ clamp. The challenge from AkerBP was to have an installation time under 40 seconds.

The video above shows that the offshore installation at Deepsea Nordkapp achieved an installation time of 20-30 seconds. This potentially saves over 8.5 hours of rig time in a 3800 meter upper completion and reduces exposure in the red zone by 34 hours. Once the installation procedure had become familiar running speed was around 27.6 joints per hour.

Polymer Banding & Ties

The 3000 Tool

The F-1 Clamp is installed with a customized air operated tightening tool delivered by HCL (SM-FT-3000-32). The tightening tool ensures a correct and consistent torque being applied to the bands, holding both the clamp and flat packs in place, without any damage to control lines. The F-1 clamp is very easy to install and reduces the physical effort it used to install clamps, improving the HSE for rig crew.

Universal Layout

The F-1 clamp has a universal layout, providing flexibility for completion engineers planning for different completion solutions. It will also improve the inventory management as the same clamp can be used for all flatpack configurations, mean one clamp fits all.

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