ICCP Clamping on Cold Harbour Jetty
ICCP Clamping on Cold Harbour Jetty

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ICCP Clamping on Cold Harbour Jetty

Upgrade and refurbishment of 23qty MMO Anodes for the Tideway Waste Receiving Station at Rainham. Inclusive cable and conduit attachment up the piles to the deck. HCL worked in partnership with Land & Water to provide the complete clamping solution for the ICCP anodes, support included, drawings, engineering consultation and on-site training to ensure that the project was a success from start to finish.

Smart Products Used – ICCP Solutions

32mm Smart Band Compact was chosen to provide the following clamping solutions. Clamping the Anode to the saddle, the saddle to the pile and also clamping the cable and conduit up the piles to the deck. PA12 material was chosen for its long life characteristics and excellent strength & creep properties. Both manual tools were utilised, the 2000 tools provided the initial fitting and tension of the clamps and the 1000 tool with torque control was used to ensure that the correct tension was applied to each Smart Band on the Jetty. No Power tools were required and although the fitting of the products is very intuitive, training was provided on-site to ensure that the operators would have no issues with the installation.

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